Are Crash Avoidance Systems the Future of Trucking Safety?

In trucking accidents, the usual cause of injury or even death is driver error or negligence. Driver fatigue, inexperience, recklessness or intoxication, as well as poor vehicle maintenance, or excessive truck loads, are some of the leading causes of injury to pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists. According to a recent study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, crash avoidance systems are the future of trucking safety and can help avoid accidents.

According to Consumer Reports, a crash avoidance system includes sensors, lasers, cameras and short and long-range radar that monitors activity around a vehicle, which in turn prompts the driver to take the appropriate action with beeps, flashing icons or even a vibration in the seat or steering wheel. Some systems will self-apply a full or partial brake if the driver fails to respond to the prompt. Although no system is perfect, these technologies can help drivers remain alert and aware of their surroundings while on the road.

The study, which was conducted by Virginia Tech Transportation on behalf of the NHTSA, gathered over three million miles of data from more than one hundred trucking companies whose drivers were equipped with systems that applied a full or partial brake on the truck whenever it sensed a possible collision with another car or object. The trucks were also equipped with cameras to record the events. The information gathered showed no rear end accidents.

Crash avoidance systems are a significant help in improving trucking safety. The NHTSA is currently working towards making crash avoidance systems mandatory, using this study and other studies done on collision alerts and lane deviation warnings as evidence to the success of crash avoidance systems. These technologies over time will become even more efficient and help prevent accidents and injuries, and save lives as well.

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