Did You Purchase a Vehicle with an Open Recall?

You’ve likely heard of CarMax, a nationwide retailer of new and used cars. CarMax has grown to become the largest retailer of used cars in the United States, but a new report suggests the organization has seriously lacking safety protocols in place.

“A survey of 1,699 used vehicles for sale at eight CarMax Inc. dealerships in Connecticut, Massachusetts and California found 27 percent had at least one open recall, according to a report the group released. That’s double the percentage of open recalls found at five of the dealerships in a similar survey conducted in 2015, the group said.”- The Center for Auto Safety

It is alarming to consider the vast amount of drivers who are totally unaware that they were sold an unsafe, recalled vehicle. Clearly, CarMax understands that auto defects have caused and have the potential to cause serious injury and death, so why hasn’t the company done more to prevent unsafe vehicles from leaving the lot?

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