Divorce and the Effects on Children

It is not uncommon for married couples with children to avoid beginning the divorce process due to concern about their children’s wellbeing. While every family is different, studies show that staying together may actually have negative impacts on youngsters (depending on the dynamic between the couple).

According to GoodTherapy.org,  “When parents project the negative energy created by chronic conflict, children are more inclined to feel pressure to take sides, and they often absorb the negative energy projected by vocal fighting and arguing. Thus they are then placed in the position of having to deal with adult problems they shouldn’t be exposed to. Separation of the parents can often relieve the stress at the root of the chronic conflict. “

Here are some tips to follow throughout the divorce process:

  • Keep conflict away from your children. This includes legal talk and emotional topics.
  • Both parents should maintain involvement as best as possible.
  • Do your best to keep day-to-day routines consistent.
  • Encourage open communication.
  • Do not place blame or talk negatively about your former spouse