Laws Put into Place to Protect New York City Tenants

Recently a series of tenant protection bills were signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.  The laws were designed to protect tenant’s right and are effective as of August 30th, 2017.

New York City renters, take a moment to read through the items below which highlight the laws put into place:

• Tenants who win harassment cases against their landlord will now have the option to collect compensation from their landlord.

• When landlords opt to take shortcuts during construction/renovation work they are putting their tenants and the workers on the site at risk for serious injury. A new taskforce will evaluate construction and renovation practices by landlords. Contractors who have worked without proper permits in the past will be placed on a watch list.

• Landlords now must post a “Safe Construction Bill of Rights” in buildings undergoing construction work.

• More penalties and fines will be issued for construction work performed during stop work orders and work performed without proper permits.

If your landlord’s negligence led to a serious injury or death contact us today. If you were injured on a unsafe construction site at a New York City apartment we may be able to help you seek compensation.