Injuries Sustained on Skyjack Scissor Lift

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A scissor lift is an aerial work platform that is commonly used on construction sites. Construction workers and construction management rely on equipment manufacturers to produce safe, properly functioning products.

Unfortunately, Skyjack, one of the largest manufacturers of aerial work platforms, reportedly failed to acknowledge or address potential widespread scissor lift failures.

At least one reported injury occurred as a result of Skyjack’s Model SJM3219 scissor lift. Recent evidence suggests the injury could have been avoided had the Skyjack organization properly addressed known safety risks.

In fact 2 years before this accident, General Casualty, alerted Skyjack of the failure and resulting injuries, but Skyjack did not take possession of the machine or assume financial responsibility for repairing it.

But probably “the most Important Alert” of this entire Insider Exclusive Network TV Special is that, even though Skyjack stopped production of these models in 1998, many of these same Models……” Skyjack Model SJM3219 Scissor Lift”…… are still in use, and have never been recalled or repaired . Skyjack has a protective order in place preventing disclosure of its design and manufacturing protocol and its remediation efforts.” –Insider Exclusive

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