Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Risks

Although many nursing home facilities in the US provide safe and diligent care to nursing home residents, there are incidents of abuse and neglect reported every day. Nursing home abuse includes physical abuse, verbal and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, exploitation or personal property abuse. Advocates for nursing home residents have observed that poor care leads to abuse and neglect which then leads to injury, harm and possibly death for nursing home residents. However, identifying the risks and the probability of harm to a resident is the first step in taking preventive measures.

There are a range of risk factors which, alone or combined, can put residents in jeopardy. Statistics have shown that the chance of abuse or neglect is more likely in a facility with a higher percentage of residents with dementia and a low staff ratio. For residents with dementia, a high degree of dependence and behavioral issues make them more vulnerable to abuse.

If the staff is not properly trained, or there are not enough staff attending to the needs of the residents, abuse is more likely to happen. Poor staffing and a culture of indifference to resident needs put nursing home residents at greater risk. It is vitally important that there is an abuse prevention policy in place that management, staff and residents can adhere to in providing appropriate care to the nursing home population.

Residents who receive infrequent visits from family and loved ones are also more vulnerable to abuse and neglect. The more social contact and relationships with the world outside the nursing home facility occurs, the less vulnerable the resident is.

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