450,000 Daily Bike Trips in NYC. What Cyclists Need You to Know

The streets of New York City simply cannot accommodate an influx of motorists and the city metro system has proven itself unreliable, so many resilient New Yorkers have taken to cycling as a means of transportation.

“Though bike commuters remain just a small fraction of all commuters, New York now has more bike commuters than any other American city, according to an analysis of census data by the League of American Bicyclists. There were 46,057 commuters who primarily biked to work in 2015, or more than double the 16,468 in 2005.”- The New York Times

Fun Fact: New York City was the first city in the country to provide cyclists with a bike path. The path, developed in 1894, ran along Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn.

The city’s bike routes now stretch 1,133 miles, however, less than 25% of bike lanes throughout the city are protected. This discrepancy leaves many city cyclists at risk for serious injury and even death. City transportation officials report that 75 miles of city streets have been identified as ‘priority bicycle districts’ due to a high number of fatalities and severe injuries. In the next five years all 75 miles will reportedly have features added to improve cyclist safety.

No matter how safe a cyclist rides, reckless and negligent motorists are still a major safety hazard. Here are some basic safety steps motorists can take to reduce the likelihood of injuring a cyclist:

Drive Distraction free. Texting, eating, changing the radio, and engaging in a serious conversation are all examples of distractions.

Slow down. Speed is a top contributing factor in motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian knockdowns, and bicycle collisions.

Be careful when making right hand turns. Remember, cyclists move faster than pedestrians, don’t assume because a crosswalk is clear that it’ll stay clear.

Check for cyclists in your blind spot. This is especially important when changing lanes and when turning.

Use your turning signals. Neglecting to use your turning signals puts other motorists and cyclists at risk for injury.

If you or a loved one were hurt in a cyclist incident contact us today.