Federal Regulations Fail to Protect The Elderly From Abuse and Neglect

While issues surrounding health care and Medicare/Medicaid services are currently a hot topic, we seldom hear about what is and isn’t being done to keep elderly residential care patients safe and healthy. Did you know Federal regulators recognize hundreds of nursing homes across the country are performing poorly, meaning the facilities are putting patients at risk for harm or have caused harm, yet the majority of these federally funded facilities continue to operate?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid works with  state health regulators to identify, inspect, and grade nursing homes throughout the country. In the last three years 528 nursing homes have graduated from the lowest rank, ‘Special focus facility’, but sadly since then 52% of the facilities either caused patient harm or put patients in serious jeopardy. More than a third of the facilities that were put on a watch list in 2014 still hold the lowest possible Medicare ranking for health and safety.

“Some gave patients the wrong medications, failed to protect them from violent or bullying residents and staff members, or neglected to tell families or physicians about injuries, inspection records show. Years after regulators conferred clean bills of health, levels of registered nurses tend to remain lower than at other facilities.”- NY Times article  Poor Patient Care at Many Nursing Homes Despite Stricter Oversight

A lack of nurses and a lack of transparency between nursing home management and families/residents contributes to the frequency of nursing home abuse/neglect. If you suspect your elderly loved one was abused or neglected contact us today, we may be able to help you seek compensation.