National Safety Council’s Startling Stats: Every week in 2015, 18 construction workers went to work and did not return home.

In the last several decades there have been significant improvements in construction workplace safety, but many experts agree there is much more that needs to be done.

Today’s booming construction industry employs more workers than previous years and is expected to continue to grow in the years ahead. Because many construction companies are eager to take advantage of the heightened demand there has been an increased number of inexperienced and minimally trained workers.

“The heightened demand has made it more difficult for firms to find experienced, qualified workers. Forced to look elsewhere, several firms have turned to inexperienced workers, many of whom are fresh out of school or have switched careers from other industries. Training and education are essential to protecting inexperienced workers, safety professionals say.”- The National Safety Council

When a construction company chooses to hire inexperienced workers, and does not provide proper training or safety protocols, there is a significant chance their workers will sustain serious, even fatal, injuries. For more information about construction safety click here. If you have been hurt on the job contact us today.