Over the Top Solutions to Distracted Walking

Did you know pedestrian-vehicle injuries are the fifth leading cause of death for U.S. children ages 5 to 19*? Distraction is a major contributing factor in many pedestrian-vehicle injuries and fatalities. Pedestrians of all ages seem to have a hard time putting their phone down while walking, but those who live in Bodegraven (a town in the Netherlands) may be less likely to sustain injuries because of distracted walking.

“Bodegraven has begun a pilot program of putting L.E.D. lights on the sidewalk of intersections in order to deal with the apparent massive problem of people looking at their phones while they walk.”- The Gothamist

According to Bodegraven officials, it’s fair to assume distracted walking is not an issue that’s going away, so the new L.E.D. light program is a means of addressing a deadly habit, and hopefully, preventing future injuries and deaths. If you’re having a hard time imaging the L.E.D. light program, picture walking with your head down, looking towards you phone, and seeing a bright red lit up line across the sidewalk when approaching an intersection.

Do you think the L.E.D. program is over the top? Would NYC benefit from a similar program? Share your thoughts!

*Source: National Safety Council