New York Landlords Putting Tenants at Risk for Serious Injury: Part One

A record of New York City buildings compiled in 2015 listed more than 6,000 buildings with two or more serious violations or structural violations per unit. Serious violations are considered violations that pose a threat to health or safety (structures with ceilings that could potentially collapse, structures with lead paint, etc).

The data supports what many already believe to be true: New York slumlords are putting thousands at risk day in and day out. Many tenants live in unsafe or unhealthy environments because they are unaware of their rights, or unaware of what their options are if their rights are violated.

A number of New York City organizations are lobbying for stricter penalties for housing violations, and have even suggested landlord licensing, which would allow the city to revoke licenses from known slum lords or repeat offenders.

Jacoby & Meyers has served the New York City community since 1972 and has seen countless instances of personal injury and fatalities due to negligent landlords. It is crucial that tenants know their rights, and when those rights are violated and injury occurs, we’ll be there to hold any and all negligent parties accountable.