If you haven’t Checked your Hospital’s Ranking, Now’s the Time

Have you ever suspected your doctor or medical team may have worsened your physical condition? When you go to your doctor’s office or hospital do you observe the cleanliness, or lack there of, of your surroundings? Does it seem as if your medical facility is inadequately staffed? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above you should take a moment to find your medical center on Hospitalsafetygrade.org. On this site you’ll find hospitals listed by city and state, along with a quality score (A-F, A being the best and F being the worst).

As of November, 2016 the following hospitals in the greater NYC area received ‘D’ ratings:


• Brookdale Hospital Medical Center

• Lutheran Medical Center

• Maimonides Medical Center

• New York Community Hospital

• New York Methodist Hospital

• Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

• Suny Downstate Medical Center University Hospital of Brooklyn


• Flushing Hospital Medical Center

• Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

• New York Presbyterian Queens

Staten Island

• Richmond University Medical Center


• St. Barnabas Hospital

Although each location is assessed individually, you’ll notice a number of reoccurring contributing factors that earned a number of locations sub par grades, including:

  • Bacterial infections like MRSA, a staph bacteria infection that cannot be killed by antibiotics. The MRSA bacteria can be found in bed linens, equipment, and on human skin if providers fail to properly wash their hands. MRSA is a serious, potentially life threating condition.
  • Surgical errors that include but are not limited to patient death from serious treatable complications as well as accidental cuts and tears.
  • Lack of preventive measures, such as hand washing and accurately recording patient medications.
  • Safety issues including patient falls and patient bed sores. Bed sores are the result of a patient laying or sitting in one position for too long. Bed sores are almost always linked to some degree of nursing home neglect or medical negligence. Click here to learn more.
  • Staffing issues, including lack of enough qualified staff and lack of proper communication amongst staff.

If you suspect your hospital is lacking proper safety protocols, or if you became sick or injured as a result of a hospital stay, contact us today, you may be a victim of medical malpractice & entitled to compensation.

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