Construction Site Safety, Priorities and Procedures

Data from a 2009 Occupational Health and Safety publication, “The Future of Safety,”  is still being sited and used every day in workplaces across the county. One of the topics explored in the publication, “prioritization of safety initiatives” offers an outline of how to maintain a safe working environment that is especially important for industries that have higher rates of injuries and death, like the construction industry.

The data defines two basic factors that should be the focus of workplace safety:

“The first will be clarification around what programs and systems absolutely must be maintained, such as those that prevent life-altering injuries, fatalities and catastrophic explosions or releases. The second level of prioritization will be around the type of exposures that exist. Exposure will be classified as:

• those exposures that are totally within the control of the employee to eliminate or control;

• exposures that can be controlled but require extra effort and employee commitment to achieve, and finally

• exposures that are beyond the capability and resources of the employee to control.”

When and if workers and supervisors apply the priority based safety model described above the likelihood of a workplace injury or fatality is reduced.

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