Manhattan Nursing Home Neglects to Maintain Building, Resulting in Terrible Tragedy

New York City officials have taken action against the owners of a Upper West Side nursing home after the preventable death of a two year old girl.

In May 2015 the two year old victim and her grandmother were injured when the façade of the Upper West Side nursing home began to collapse. The two year old victim suffered fatal brain injuries.

The city has officially charged the owners of the nursing home owners with negligence after investigators uncovered multiple instances in which the owners failed to abide by building laws and protocols.

By law New York City property owners must keep their properties up to code. Buildings taller than six stories are required to undergo regular inspections, and to provide data from such inspections to the department of buildings. All too often failure to abide by the Department of Building’s procedures and protocols results in serious injury and even death.

Broken bones due to slip and fall accidents, and brain injuries, are among the most common injuries sustained due to property owner’s negligence. If you or a loved one is hurt because a property owner failed to maintain the façade of their building, sidewalk, or stairwell, contact us today. You may be entitled to compensation.