Only Car Crashes Cause More Fatalities than This Workplace Hazard

Only car crashes cause more deaths in the workplace than falls at job sites (where workers fall to a lower level).   While the forces of gravity are rarely considered on the job site, gravity is a dangerous force that can kill.  Whether someone falls at the same level or to a lower level, the force of gravity can lead to serious injuries.

Fortunately in New York, special laws protect construction workers who face the dangers of gravity every day.

Labor law 240 is meant to protect workers exposed to gravity related dangers by requiring general contractors and property owners the obligation to provide safety devices that protect workers. It is little surprise that the greatest risk of death occurs when workers fall 30 feet or more.

However, falls from structures less than 6 feet can be equally dangerous. In total 11% of all fatal falls to lower levels occurred from heights of less than six feet.  No matter what the height is, gravity creates dangers that should always be taken seriously and use of safety devices are imperative to prevent death.

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