Repeated Building Violations in Manhattan Leaves Residents Without Utilities

On May 12th roughly 700 residents of an Upper East Side apartment building were unable to use gas in their apartments after Con Edison shut off their gas lines. 

The decision to interrupt gas usage in the building was reportedly due to illegal construction work within the building. The building’s owners, who recently purchased building, were issued a stop work order after it was found they conducted renovation work without permits. The Buildings Department received an upwards of 32 complaints in less than two months, including multiple reports of a gas odor in the building.

While the loss of gas was certainly an inconvenience for the residents, the decision to shut of the gas could have very well saved their lives. In the last several years gas leaks in New York City have resulted in numerous injuries and fatalities.

It is the responsibility of landlords, construction personnel, and building management to adhere to construction site policies and protocol. Failure to do so can be extremely dangerous. To learn more about premise liability click here. If you or a loved one has been injured because of the negligence of others contact us today.