2016 Cyclist Safety Focus, 15 Miles of Bike Lanes Constructed in City Streets

In 2016 more than 15 miles of bikes lanes will be constructed throughout the city as part of Vision Zero, Mayor de Blasio’s ongoing street safety initiative.

The city’s website (nyc.gov) boasts that while National pedestrian fatalities are on the rise, 2015 marked a historically low number of NYC pedestrian deaths and fatalities. Still, many of the families, friends, and loved ones of the pedestrians hurt or killed in 2015 worry that while Vision Zero is seemingly “working,” too many innocent pedestrians are still at risk for serious harm.

It appears that the Mayor and other officials have taken community concern into consideration while planning continued street safety plans for 2016.

NYC Cyclists can expect to find new bikes lanes here:

  • Amsterdam Avenue
  • 1st Avenue (Manhattan)
  • 2nd Avenue (Manhattan)
  • 6th Avenue  (Manhattan)
  • 20th Avenue (Queens)

Additional 2016 Vision Zero priorities include:

Street re-design in areas where crashes frequently occur, such as Queens Boulevard, Lower Grand Concourse, Bay Street, Victory Boulevard, and Astoria Boulevard

Optimizing Speed Enforcement Cameras: Data collected shows utilizing speed enforcement cameras may greatly reduce the number of pedestrian knockdowns and car crash injuries.

“DOT analysis shows that 85% of injuries and fatalities occur on streets and during times when speed cameras are not authorized to issue violations.” –NYC.gov

Early awareness, education, and ideally prevention. The DOT will include a new curriculum for 4th-6th graders and also provide pertinent information to parents and caregivers regarding street safety. Teaching children the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of street safety is crucial, especially in New York.

For more information on cycling safety click here. If you have been hurt in a cycling incident, or a pedestrian knockdown contact us today.