Understanding a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims cover a very wide variety of situations, all having to do with serious injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence. Many personal injury cases arise from car accidents, in which one or more parties are injured or even killed due to someone else’s carelessness.

Informal Settlement of Personal Injury Claims

Some personal injury claims never actually make it to court, as they are settled between the parties involved, with some outside help from insurance companies and attorneys. This action is known as an informal Settlement, as it is resolved without the court intervening.

In the event that those involved in the accident can settle the case themselves, a written agreement is drawn up stating that no further legal action will be taken. The matter is then resolved through payment of an agreed upon amount of money.

A Personal Injury Claim Lawsuit

While an informal settlement is the outcome anyone involved in a car accident would hope for, many times it doesn’t happen that way. If the parties involved can’t come to an amicable agreement a lawsuit will need to be filed from the information obtained in your personal injury claim. From there, court proceedings will take place.

In this case, an individual, known as the plaintiff will file a civil claim against the defendant, alleging that their actions were irresponsible and destructive.

Statute of Limitations

It is important to note, that if a lawsuit must be filed, the plaintiff has a limited amount of time to do so. A Statute of Limitations states that the window of opportunity for a plaintiff to file their lawsuit starts the moment they discover they have been injured. Specific guidelines regarding Statutes of Limitations vary according to the laws in your state.

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