Technology Aiding Residents Subjected to Unsafe or Unlawful Situations

As a tenant you have certain rights designed to prevent personal injury and promote general well being. Unfortunately not all landlords adhere to these laws. Countless NYC residents have been injured and even died as a result of negligent land lords. 

Often times the shortcomings of landlords aren’t recognized until their tenants become injured or ill. 

A Brooklyn resident living in a cockroach infested apartment has helped to change the lives of thousands of NYC renters by aiding in the development of an app, JustFix. NYC.

The app was designed with low-income tenants in mind. Now renters have the ability to conduct an inspection (with preset issues loaded within the app, like “floors rotted” and “door defective”). The inspection feature stores data for every room of the apartment and provides users with a step by step guide for the inspection.

Renters without assistance may not be aware danger is just footsteps away. Defective household goods can be extremely dangerous to renters, especially those with small children. The inspection portion of the JustFix app is a great way for renters to identify hidden dangers.

Users are able to document any issues, including photos of damaged property, texts regarding issues and phone logs. 

Renters are then able to easily report and share their safety concerns. Again the app walks the renter through the process of drafting and submitting documentation including emails and letters. Users are also able to share their experience with others in the community, including fellow tenants, advocates and lawyers. 

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