In a Controversial Move State Officials Hold Distracted Walking Press Conference after 17 Year Old Dies in Hit and Run

Queens, New York – On Wednesday, December 9th State officials visited the site of a fatal hit and run to hold a press conference regarding the dangers of distracted walking and other vehicle/pedestrian safety concerns.

One of the officials at the event, Assemblyman Michael DenDekker, has proposed legislation that would fine pedestrians using electronic devices within crosswalks $25.

The focus of the press conference appeared to highlight the dangers of distracted walking, citing that in some instances drivers who have acted responsibly are involved in knockdowns with distracted pedestrians. The Officials called attention to the “younger” generations who at times are overly concerned with their cell phones.

The conference was met with criticism by those questioning why organizers decided to host the event at the Queens hit and run site where a 17 year old was killed just a day prior. According to authorities neither distracted driving nor distracted walking was a factor in the victim’s death.

The officials at the event insist the purpose of the conference was to urge Mayor De Blasio to place speed cameras at the intersection of Junction Boulevard and Northern (the intersection where the fatal hit and run occurred the previous day).

Distraction is an issue effecting drivers and pedestrians alike.