Everyday Dangers NYC Construction Workers Face

Queens, N.Y. –  Crain’s New York Business recently published the story of a construction worker who tragically died after falling five stories down an elevator shaft at Fordham University. After clinging to life for 10 days the worker died. While his widow was able to successfully sue the companies running the job site her life and the rest of her families lives were irrevocably damaged.  

Far too many New York City families share similar stories. Beloved family members leave for work and don’t return home because of fatal and unpredictable construction site injuries. 

“Injury and death have long been a cost built into construction in New York. Nearly 30 workers died building the Brooklyn Bridge, five perished erecting the Empire State Building, and 60 met their end during the construction of the old World Trade Center. And despite a concerted effort in recent years to prevent on-the-job accidents, a review of city records shows that construction sites are less safe today than they were seven years ago…” – Crain’s New York Business

One would think that in 2015 the abundance of information and technology available would be enough to help to at least reduce the number of men and women hurt on construction sites but sadly that’s not the case.

While there are any number of contributing factors that result in construction site injuries and fatalities one undeniable cause is contractors and workers ignoring safety rules and regulations. Recently New York City building department and other government officials have attempted to take action by participating in random audits and visiting job sites. 

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