NYC Residents Doing Their Part to Prevent Cycling Injuries and Fatalities

If you’re traveling along Carlton Avenue in Brooklyn you may be surprised to find new traffic cones topped with cheerful wildflowers.

The NYC Transformation Department, a group unaffiliated with NYC DOT and other city organizations, has taken to the streets making minor changes to roadways which are known to be dangerous in an attempt to reduce the number of cyclist injuries and fatalities in the five boroughs. Click here to read more about prevent cycling injuries in NYC.

According to a Transformation Department spokesperson the Carlton Ave stretch between Pacific and Atlantic Avenue is particularly dangerous as truckers tend to utilize the unprotected bike lane while idling. The placement of the seemingly playful cones has the potential to keep cyclists safe and prevent truckers from impeding on their already minimal space. 

After a number of fatal accidents this summer city officials began upgrading some city streets. The effectiveness of the upgrades will certainly be tested in months to come as weather conditions worsen and driving conditions for both motorists and cyclists becomes challenging. 

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New York City cyclists face an array of challenges between an influx of shoaling, streets designed more so for motorists than cyclists, hectic traffic, and the list goes on. Unfortunately even with initiatives like Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero and concerned groups like NYC Transformation Department cyclists are still hurt and killed in New York City streets on a regular basis. 

If you’re a cyclist who has been injured or knocked down in a New York City crash contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights