Authorities Prevent 900 Potentially Dangerous Vehicles from Hitting the Road

A man returning to the United States from the Dominican Republic was arraigned on Tuesday, October 13th after authorities found over 900 fake New York State Vehicle Inspection stickers in his luggage. 

The stickers are estimated to be worth roughly $100,000, and likely would have been sold to drivers who knew their cars wouldn’t pass inspection. 

 A car could fail inspection for any number of reasons. In order for a car to pass inspection, it must meet basic safety requirements. 

Car inspection safety requirements are designed to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. A car that fails to meet these requirements and is still on the road could present any number of dangers to other motorists and pedestrians. 

Example: If a car’s tires are too worn, it won’t pass inspect. Why? Because the vehicle may not have enough traction to stop the vehicle when applying the breaks, meaning they could easily rear end someone or hit a pedestrian. 

If you have been victimized in an accident where the other driver failed to properly maintain their vehicle to meet state safety requirements you may be eligible for compensation. Contact one of our experienced car accident attorneys today to discuss your legal options.