Enjoying a Safe, Happy Labor Day

Labor Day is a time of celebration for many, when friends and families come together for one last summer hoorah. Here’s a safety checklist that may help keep you and your loved ones safe during your Labor Day festivities this year. 

If you’ll be drinking, have a designated driver.

Because there are often an influx of impaired drivers on the road during holiday weekends be sure you’ve taken basic safety precautions, like buckling up and putting your cell phone in a safe place (where you won’t be tempted with becoming distracted!)

If you’ll be in the sun make sure you’ve packed sunscreen and plenty of water.

When grilling keep kids and pets away from the grill.

Make sure if children are swimming there is a designated adult watching them. 

We wish you a safe, and happy Labor day from all of us here at Jacoby & Meyers.