Predicting a Traumatic Brain Injury via Blood Test

Doctors and scientists have spent years attempting to develop a blood test that would indicate a traumatic brain injury, and the severity of the injury. A team of professionals at John Hopkins University School of medicine may have done just that. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries are often difficult to diagnose using traditional methods. Moderate or severe TBI’s often present symptoms sooner, mild TBI symptoms are much harder to detect as MRI and CAT scan’s commonly appear normal. In time the individuals affected may begin to develop cognitive problems and headaches. 

According to the study at John Hopkins University School of Medicine a particular protein (brain-derived neurotropic factor) may predict the presence and severity of a TBI. The blood sample would need to be taken within 24 hours of the injury. While there is no cure for TBI, doctors would have the ability to better advise their patients on next steps, what to expect, and how to prepare. 

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