When Are Children Ready to Walk Alone?

Kids walking to school

There is a lot of controversy regarding when children are old enough to safely walk alone. While there is no definitive answer, experts suggest considering the following:

Children under the age of 6 always need guided adult supervision. While it is encouraged to have conversations about crossing the street, they are not yet able to accurately come to safe conclusions.

Children 7-9 still require supervision, yet it is encouraged to actively teach and discuss more complex skills, such as: ignoring distractions and being aware of motorist speed.

Children ten and over may be able to practice walking alone, but many children won’t be ready to do so until they are 12 or over. Keep in mind walking alone and being responsible for younger siblings are two very different things.

If your child will be walking alone, carefully review their route with them. Try and ensure there is sidewalk throughout the entire span of their trip. Talk about what the child should do in the event they feel unsafe, or need help. Teach your children early about the dangers of distracted walking.

Source: Huffington Post