Uncleared Ice leaving Dangerous Passage for Pedestrians.

In New York City walking is a way of life, and not only courtesy, but law requires that sidewalks are kept clear of snow and ice to help prevent personal injury.  Under the law businesses, homeowners and others in charge of property have four hours from the time snow has stopped falling (if during daylight hours) to clean the pavement. Failure to clean the way can result in tickets carrying fines from $100 – $350 for multiple violations

This winter the NYC Sanitation Department has issued more than 10,000 tickets, though in some neighborhoods residents claim they have had little effect. A major issue affecting snow removal is determining the ownership of vacant buildings

A New York Times analysis of data showed that the Bronx had the worse offenders with 10 properties in one area racking up 331 tickets, creating a huge slip hazard.

The Sanitation Department emphasizes that snow and ice removal on sidewalks is the sole responsibility of the property owner, and they do not have the manpower to support efforts.

Please read our top tips for how to stay safe on slippery sidewalks, and if you have been injured due to the neglect of others, please contact us now. Our team of personal injury lawyers are here to help you.