Illegal Clothing Bins Spreading in NYC

There has been a rise in the number of illegally placed clothing bins within Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.

The bins have led to a flurry of complaints for over three months now. Residents of the areas believe they are making charitable donations but lots of these bins are being placed by phony not-for-profits.

The bins can also be dangerous and an eyesore. They are obstructions of the sidewalk and are not well maintained. A current law requires that no clothing bin be on any public sidewalk. If one is placed on the sidewalk, the Department of Sanitation tags the bin and the company has 30 days to remove it.

The companies behind these bins have found a way around the law. Many companies are waiting until the 29th day to remove the big and they either replace it at the same location or somewhere nearby.

Councilmember Vincent Gentile has been working on cracking down on the issue, through legislation now being drafted. “We’re working on language to make it as strong as possible,” said Gentile’s spokesperson, Justin Brannan. “We’re taking people’s ideas from various complaints and turning that into legislation.”

Source: Home Reporter