Prospect Park West Bike Lane Doesn’t Interfere with Traffic Flow

The lawsuit filed against the Prospect Park West bike brought on by protestations of Seniors for Safety and Neighbors For Better Bike Lanes refuses to perish, The opponents of the lane continue to persuade a judge to see that the bike lane actually impedes traffic flow on this busy street.
However, according to a conclusion reached by Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog, the Prospect Park West bike lane hasn’t seriously interfered with the traffic flow. FiveThirtyEight analyzed the city’s data and found the volume-to-capacity ratio of traffic on Carroll Street and 11th Street before and after the bike lane was installed. The volume-to-capacity ratio takes the Average Annual Daily Traffic data and divides it by the road’s capacity to see how “full the road can get before it hampers traffic flow.
The DOT reached the same conclusion and found that as motor vehicle speed decreased after the bike lane’s installation, so did the number of accidents.
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