The Importance of Wearing a Helmet

Are you a frequent biker around NYC? Do you always wear a helmet while on your bike or motorcycle? You should! Here’s why:

Helmets are proven to lessen the impact of hard surfaces that hit the head during an accident. They are designed to compress when struck, which decreases the severity of the impact by absorbing the force.
There are three main parts of the design of a helmet that are important: the shell, the liner, and the interior. The shell prevents neck injuries and deflects penetrating objects. The liner is the foam part of the helmet that compresses and takes most of the force in an impact. The interior is the soft padding that is designed to provide comfort and fit. All three of these parts are designed to save your life in an accident!
Statistics show that people who wear helmets are much more likely to suffer serious head injuries than people who do not.
It can save your life!!

Next time you get on your bike or motorcycle, think about your safety! Always wear a helmet and be cautious on busy city streets.

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Source: Personal Injury Lawyer Directory