ShareRoller, The Electric Motor for Citi Bike

electric motor

ShareRoller is the newest invention to city traveling – it turns your Citi Bike into a motorized one. By installing ShareRoller, your Citi Bike can reach up to 18 mph! Attaching the motor is fast and simple. There is one control on the handlebar attachment: a small plunger you push in to accelerate. Gently push in, adding speed, until you can’t push anymore.

 It is suggested that the ShareRoller will help bikers of NYC with hard uphills, like bridges, and the motor will also help prevent the biker from sweating through their work clothes on their commute. 

However, as with any mode of transportation, we remind you to please be safe and alert, especially with a new device you are not familiar with.

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Source: Gothamist