Cops Issue Tickets to Jaywalkers at Greenpoint Intersection

greenpoint intersection

Following the increased number of traffic fatalities in NYC, local activists have called for increased safety measures at the intersection of McGuinness Boulevard and Nassau Avenue in Greenpoint. Two cyclists and three pedestrians were killed since 1995 at this intersection.

Police officers have increased the number of tickets issued to jaywalkers of this intersection and cops have been stationed at the corner over the last several weeks, giving out tickets and warning pedestrians trying to cross the busy intersection. 

Some residents are frustrated with the increased patrolling of the area with the concern that police are focusing on blaming the jaywalkers instead of making improvements to the intersection itself. “There is a lot of traffic coming off the bridge and it is all going fast. We need left-turn signals so that the people who are turning do not have to rush,” said John Beadle, a member of the Kings County Democratic Committee. Jaywalking tickets have increased by nearly 800% this year.

Source: Gothamist