2013’s Cycling Injuries in NYC

cycling injuries

Last year, approximately 3,000 cyclists reported being injured in New York City. This number has remained fairly stead over the past few years. I Quant NY mapped the locations of all 2013’s cycling injuries and the result is appalling! 

According to the map, more cyclists are injured on Manhattan’s East Side than anywhere else. This is likely due to the fact that the Williamsburg Bridge and the uptown arteries are easily accessed via the First Avenue bike lane. The map showed that Broadway in Williamsburg was one of the city’s deadliest thoroughfares.

Over the course of one year, there were approximately 3,800 reported cycling injuries in NYC!

Former Mayor Bloomberg’s bike lane push hasn’t seem to have decreased the speeding epidemic in the city, which is one of the most common factors in juries to pedestrians and cyclists. In his Vision Zero plan, Mayor de Blasio has vowed to correct this issue with increasing the amount of speeding tickets handed out by the NYPD among other initiatives.

According to police data, 10 cyclists were killed in NYC traffic in 2013.

Source: Gothamist