“Cooper’s Law”: To Suspend Cabbies Who Kill or Injure Pedestrians

A new law known as “Cooper’s Law” has been introduced with the goal to suspend a cabbie’s license if they kill or maim a pedestrian as a result of failing to yield. Earlier this year, 9-year-old Cooper Stock was killed while walking across the street with his father when a cab driver failed to yield to them.

The new legislation will temporarily suspend a cab driver’s license pending a thorough investigation of the incident, the results of which would determine whether or not the suspension will become permanent.

In recent years, there have been over 20 fatalities or injuries due to cabbies failing to yield to pedestrians, and many of the consequences for the cab drivers have not been so harsh. In the past 5 years, only 1 cab driver was charged with a crime, out of the 21 pedestrians that were injured by cabbies. Only 2 taxi drivers out of 16 involved in fatalities since 2009 have had their licenses revoked.

In Cooper Stock’s tragic incident, the cab driver was given a citation for failure to yield, which carries a maximum fine of $300. He has not driven since the incident, but he can continue to drive because he has not accrued enough points on his license for a suspension.

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