Jaywalking Tickets Have Increased by Nearly 800% in NYC

jaywalkingAs part of Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan, police officers have increased the number of tickets given to pedestrians for jaywalking by nearly 800% this year alone.

Already this year, the NYPD has handed out 215 jaywalking summonses compared to 27 over the same time period last year. Moving violations have, however dropped slightly.

According to Commissioner Bratton last month, “pedestrian error” accounted for 73% of collisions. Despite a decrease in the moving violations issued, the NYPD has increased enforcement of the driving behaviors that are the most dangerous to pedestrians: speeding and failure to yield.

In the first month of 2014 alone, speeding summonses have increased by 20%, compared to the same time period in 2013. Failure to yield to pedestrian summonses have increased by 66%.

The decrease in the number of moving violations is said to be the result of fewer tickets being issued to drivers in bus lanes, cell phone use, and tinted windows. It was pointed out by George Kelling, one of the criminologists credited with coining the “Broken Windows” theory of policing, that cracking down on drivers more often could help solve more serious crimes in our city. In November a car pulled over for a broken taillight in East Williamsburg was found to be carrying 10 kilos of cocaine.

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