Tackling the Issue of Concussions in Youth Contact Sports – The Youth Football Safety Act

New legislation discussed would create safety measures for youth teams who play in New York City, requiring doctors to be present at every football game as well as an athletic trainer or doctor for all full-contact practices.

The Youth Football Safety Act announced on January 29, by Brooklyn Councilman Stephen Levin, would affect all youth teams in NYC including Public High School League, Catholic High School League and Pop Warner leagues.

“This legislation will take the health and well-being of our children out of the hands of coaches and into those of medical professionals,” Levin said. “For the love of the game, we must act now to protect our children and make youth football safer.”

Concerns have surfaced regarding how officials will ensure that doctors are present and if the legislation would cover the price of these medics or if it would fall of the backs of the players, parents, and the leagues. The hours needed by the doctors and athletic trainers would be close to 12 hours on weekends, raising other concerns.

According to Levin, the implementation of the Act would take the decision of when to administer concussion testing out of the hands of coaching and into those of medical experts.

Additionally, the legislation requires that city park permits only be provided if the new safety measure will be met, and requires increased reporting on all injuries and standardized assessment of concussion testing.

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