15-Year-Old Girl Crushed to Death by Truck While Distracted by Cellphone

A teenage girl from California was struck and killed by a truck last Wednesday after she fell off the curb and under the wheels while she was texting and walking.

Noemi Mendez, 15, stumbled off the curb in Otay Mesa, California and fell under the wheels of the rig which was making a right turn. The girl’s older brother desperately tried to save his sister but she was crushed by the large vehicle and died at the scene.

The driver of the rig will not face charges as he is not at fault.

Officers said the girl had been “distracted walking”, a recent deadly phenomenon where pedestrians are texting or playing on their phone while walking across busy roads.

This is a terrible tragedy and we remind everyone to please stay alert and put the phone down while crossing roads and walking down the street.

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