Kent Ave in Brooklyn Is Getting a Slowdown For Safety

The New York City Department of Transportation will be slowing down traffic on Kent Avenue in Brooklyn due to the recent uptick in pedestrian deaths and collions, according to and article in Gothamist.

The outline proposal will “narrow Kent Avenue from Williamsburg Street West to Clymer Street, moving parking from the west curb to one of the northbound lanes and turning one of the southbound lanes into a two-way bike lane.”

A recent DOT study found that 82% of drivers traveling northbound on Kent Avenue travel over the speed limit, along with 18% of drivers who are heading southbound.

Last March, a young Orthodox couple were killed in a taxi cab accident on Kent Avenue near Wilson Street, after they were struck by another driver who was going more than twice the legal speed limit. The mother, who was pregant at the time had died, and the infant later died as well in this tragedy.

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