FDA Warns Against Concussion-Curing Claims on Supplements

If you have ever sustained a concussion, your doctor probably told you to rest a lot and taking dietary supplements to accelerate recovery will not help.

Well despite doctor recommendations, some supplement makers do not stop from marketing certain products as concussion-curing drugs. The FDA is now warning consumers against these supplements that say they can treat traumatic brain injuries. The FDA regulator stated that claims like these could be dangerous if they led athletes with head injuries to return to play before they are ready.

In 2012, the agency sent warning letters to three companies about the claims they were making.

There has been a dramatic increase of public awareness over the past few years regarding the lasting effects of concussions on football players. Now that the public is getting more involved in this issue, it is important to spread the word about the dangers of these claims made by manufacturers. “There is no evidence at this point that any of these kinds of claims are justified,” said Gerald Gioia, chief of pediatric neuropsychology and director of the concussion recovery program at the Children’s National Health System.

Because supplements do not require pre-market approval from the FDA, these companies do not need to go through the rigorous, years-long process of testing, which makes it easier for them to come out with a product and can make such false claims. However, when the FDA discovers marketing claims that are believed to have crossed the line, the agency steps forward to warn the public and the manufacturer.

With more than 85,000 dietary supplements on the market and no product registration, products making false claims can slip through.

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