NYC Taxi Cab Safety Tips

Most likely you’re not even thinking about this, but when you hop in a taxicab for a quick trip or a longer journey you may be putting yourself at risk of being seriously injured in an accident.  With over 13,000 operating taxis in NYC, the roads can get quite jammed and chaotic. While most taxi drivers do abide by all traffic laws, some of us have had terrifying experiences riding in a cab with a reckless driver.

Anytime you get into a cab, remember to follow these simple safety tips:

  • Before you get into a cab, make sure it is a legitimate cab service. It is always safe to only take TLC cabs when traveling around NYC. You will know if it is a Taxi & Limousine Commission cab by checking their license plate and noticing if their ID is displayed in the cab. The license plate # will start with a “T”
  • Ignore offers from solicitors in terminals like Port Authority or Grand Central. Soliciting of ground transportation is illegal and many of these solicitors are unlicensed and uninsured.
  • Always put on your seatbelt. New York State law requires all passengers to be buckled up. A passenger that is not wearing his or her seatbelt and is injured in a taxicab accident can be held partially at fault when suing for damages.
  • Jot down the plate number of the taxi and the name of the driver when you get in the cab. Should there be an accident, you have the identification you need to file charges.
  • If you are involved in an accident, wait for police to arrive, make sure you have the cabbies ID # and license plate # and do not leave the scene until you have spoken with an officer.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a taxicab accident due to the driver’s carelessness, Jacoby & Meyers can help you receive the compensation you deserve.