Dream On Me Recalls Cradle Gliders Due to Infant Fall Hazard

Dream On Me has recalled its Lullaby Cradle Gliders because the mattress support board can fall out or slide out of the bottom of the cradle glider posing a risk that babies can fall out and suffer serious injuries.

There were about 700 units sold online through K-Mart, Sears, Toys R Us and Walmart from October 2011 – June 2013. They sold for about $150 each.

The recall involves the Lullaby Cradle Glider manufactured by Dream On Me, Inc. the cradle is made of solid pine with slats on all sides and a base that has a gliding side-to-side motion.

The company has received reports of 2 accidents involving the product while infants were asleep in the cradle. A one-month old fell to the floor when the mattress support board partially fell out, but the child was uninjured. A second report involved a four-month old who did not fall out of the cradle after the mattress support board became partially disengaged.

To learn more about this recalled product, visit the CPSC website.

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