Public Transportation Safety Tips for Kids

Many of the children in NYC take public transportation to school by themselves or with a friend. Have you taught your child the basic safety tips about taking the bus or subway to school? Teach them these tips before sending them off to school via public transportation:

If They Take a City Bus

·         Teach your child to never step off the curb, and to stand back when the bus is pulling into the stop. The bus pulls in very close to the curb. Make sure they know to stand back and on the curb.

·         Watch the gap when getting onto the bus – for little ones, the bus platform can be a high climb. Make sure they know to wait for the bus to fully lower its stepping platform before hopping on.

·         Only exit through the back doors. Teach your child to never exit through the front door as this is for passengers getting onto the bus only. They should always exit through the back door.

·         Do they know how to request a stop? Make sure to teach your child how to press the buttons on the bus to request the next stop.

·         Do they know what their stop is and how to ask the bus driver for help if they need it? Before sending them off on their own, take the bus with them a few times and make sure they know which stop to get off at. Also, let them know it is OK to ask the bus driver for help with directions.

If They Take the Subway

·         Teach your child to stand away from the edge of the platform and far behind the yellow line. They should stand close to, if not in the center of the platform.

·         Do they know their commute? Do they know which lines they need to take and how to transfer if necessary? Make sure to teach them this and do dry runs before sending them off by themselves.

·         Teach your kids to never talk to strangers on a subway. If they have questions and/or are lost, have them ask a police officer or MTA official on the platform.

·         If they drop a personal item in the tracks, such as a cell phone, teach them to NEVER attempt to get it themselves. Make sure they know to call over a police officer immediately. Explain to them the dangers of the third rail.

·         If the subway lines are rerouted, does your child know of any alternate routes? Living in NYC, the subways lines are constantly under construction but the scheduling patterns usually remain the same. Keep up with the construction schedule and teach your child an alternate route when you know construction is going on.

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