Citibiking Drunk: A Potentially Deadly Trend


Citibikes are colliding with one of the city’s favorite pastimes: bar hopping. Some New Yorkers are beginning to see these bikes as a convenient way to explore city night life, despite the fact that biking drunk can be as dangerous as driving drunk.

The bike-share program beats taking a cab, and is quicker than the late night subway ride. While cycling under the influence is technically not illegal in New York City, a drunk driver can be charged with disorderly conduct or reckless endangerment. The programs user agreement prohibits riding “under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication or other substance,” but no one’s handing out breathalyzer tests at docking stations, making it difficult to stop drunk cycling.

Although Citibike accidents have been extremely low since the program was established, it is extremely dangerous to cycle drunk or buzzed. Under the influence, your reaction time is delayed. NYC streets are busy and crowded, requiring you to be completely alert and aware of your surroundings.

We remind you to always be safe when riding around NYC on your bike. Wear a helmet and never drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance.

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