Bicycle Safety: Urging Riders to Wear Helmets

Wearing a helmet while riding a bike can save your life. Though it is not mandatory to wear a bike helmet while using the Citibikes around New York City, it is strongly encouraged.

Here are some basic safety tips on wearing or purchasing a helmet:

Make sure the helmet is snug but comfortable .

If the helmet is too loose, it could slip back behind your neck and you could sustain a serious head injury.

Make sure the helmet has a chinstrap and buckle.

It is important to make sure your helmet will stay securely fastened before purchasing a helmet. If you notice the helmet is defective, do not purchase it.

Wear the helmet level on the forehead, not tilted back.

Always instruct children to wear their helmet level on their forehead. Wearing a helmet tilted back can defeat the purpose of the safety device.

When purchasing a helmet, make sure it meets the appropriate standards.

Under federal law, all bicycle helmets are required to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission standard. Examine the helmet before purchasing it – look for a label that states it is approved by the CPSC.


Many accidents can be avoided if the proper safety gear is worn while riding a bicycle. Protect yourself and your family – always wear a helmet while riding.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, contact us. We can help you receive the compensation you deserve.