Check for Safety: A Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults

Every year, thousands of elderly Americans fall in their own homes. Many of them sustain serious injuries and some are even disabled. In 2002, more than 12,800 people over the age of 65 died and 1.6 million were treated in the emergency department (ED) because of falls.

Falls often occur because of hazards in the home that are sometimes simple fixes. The checklist below will help you find and fix those hazards in every room of your house that could save yours or a loved ones life:


  • When you walk through the room, do you have to walk around furniture?
    • If so, ask someone to move the furniture so your path is clear of obstacles.
    • Do you have throw rugs on the floor?
      • Remove all rugs or used double-sided, heavy duty tape so they won’t slip around.
      • Do you have to walk over wires or cords  that are on the floor?
        • Tape cords above doorways or onto walls.

Stairs and Steps

  • Are some of your steps broken or uneven?
    • Hire or ask someone to fix any broken steps.
    • Do you have a light over the stairway?
      • Install a light over the stairway so you can see every step you take.
      • Is the carpet on your steps loose or torn?
        • Make sure the carpet is firmly attached and ask someone to help fix it if it is not.
        • Are your handrails broken or lose?
          • Fix any loose handrails or install any where necessary.


  • Are things you use often on high shelves?
    • Move any items you use often to lower shelves or to the counter tops.
    • Is your step stool unsteady?
      • Make sure you have a stable step stool or invest in a new one if yours in unsteady.


  • Is the tub or shower slippery?
    • Put a non-slip rubber mat on the floor of the tub or shower.
    • Do you need a support when you get in and out of the tub?
      • Have a carpenter install a handrail in your shower.


  • Is there a light near the bed that is hard to reach?
    • Place a lamp close to the bed where it is easy to reach.
    • Is the path from your bed to the bathroom too dark?
      • Plug in a night-light in the hall or area way between your bed and the bathroom.

Although we can make an effort fix fall hazards in our own home, sometimes these accidents occur due to negligence of another or business owner. This is where we come in. If you or loved one has been seriously injured in a slip and fall incident due to a property owner’s negligence, our experienced attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers can help you through this difficult time.

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Learn more safety tips on the CDC website.