Chobani Pulls Moldy Yogurt From Store Shelves

The FDA is investigating after the company asked some of its retailers to remove yogurt containers from their shelves.

Some customers have expressed their complaints via social media, complaining about a runny texture and odd odor. The company did not issue a recall but insisted that some of its retailers remove the product from its shelves stating that they have found traces of mold in some containers. The problem has affected less than 5% of its production and is limited to cups produced at the Idaho plant.

On Tuesday, Chobani said in a Facebook comment that cups with the code 16-012 and expiration dates between 9/11/2013 and 10/7/2013 would be replaced.

So far the company has not issued a formal recall notice since it does not believe there is a safety risk. The FDA does not plan itself to issue a recall but is currently examining the company’s communications and would oversee any recall notice issued by Chobani.
It is the responsibility of the food manufacturer to produce and distribute safe products to the public. If you or a loved one has been sickened as a result of consuming a contaminated and/or recalled product, contact us immediately.

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