Tick-Borne Illness Warning in NYC

here is a tick-borne illness warning to those living in the metropolitan area.

The threat is so severe that U.S. Senator, Chuck Schumer, is calling on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address the threat.

Deer ticks have been found in various parts of New York City. The number of cases of Lyme Disease in NYC and Long Island has increase by 5 times over the last several years. Along with Lyme Disease, ticks also carry more dangerous illnesses such as  the Powassan virus. This virus is more severe than Lyme Disease because 1/3 of these cases are fatal. The virus is not easily detectable and there is no treatment.

The CDC stated that because Powassan has no treatment, the best way to prevent it is to protect yourself from tick bites altogether. Use insect repellants when going outdoors, especially in grassy/woody areas, do not walk through tall grass, wear light-colored long sleeves and pants and check your pets for ticks regularly.

The Senator is calling for the CDC to study tick-borne illnesses such as the Powassan virus and how they are spread.

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