Tourist’s Leg is Severed When Cab Jumps Curb – Dr. Oz & Plumber Helped at the Scene

A tourist from England was sitting on the fountain ledge in Rockefeller Center when she was struck by a cab yesterday, August 20, at about 11:10am, severing her leg.

The cab driver had apparently gotten into a road rage argument with another cabbie and the cars were attempting to outrun each other. The cabbie lost control and jumped the curb, striking the England woman and severing her leg below the knee.

Dr. Mehmet Oz saw the accident from his office window and raced to the scene to help the victim. A plumber, David Justino, was also at the scene helping the woman. He tied his belt around the woman’s leg in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Dr. Oz stated that this likely helped save her life.

Vendors attempted to save the severed leg with ice from their carts but according to police, doctors were not able to reattach her leg.

The woman is said to be in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital.

This is a horrific accident. If you or a loved one was a pedestrian seriously injured by a motor vehicle, contact us for help.

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