Electric Bikes: A New Mode of Transportation

Unlike traditional bikes, electric bikes have a rechargeable battery and motor that allow its rider to get to their destination faster without breaking a sweat.

For commuters around New York City, electric bikes are the new craze and help reduce the amount of energy expended on the way to work. However, they can also be very frightening while riding on the streets of NYC. Unlike traditional bikes where you can cruise at a consistent and controlled speed, the electric bike’s pedals produce a small burst of speed that pushes the bike forward very suddenly. Navigating through city traffic can be a scary task when riding these electronic bikes due to the unexpected stop and go movement of the traffic.

Although these new electric bikes can provide for a quicker and easier way to travel around the city, they can also pose as a serious accident hazard. The finer sense of control you experience on a standard bike is gone with the electric bike. With the hustle and bustle of New York City, the risk of injury increases on the roads.

We remind you to be cautious when traveling on New York City streets whether it be on an electric bike or a standard bike.

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