Defective High Chairs: Tips You Should Follow When Using a High Chair

high chairHigh chairs are a great product to have when you have little ones in the house. They’re safe and convenient…to an extent. Unfortunately, several high chair products have been recalled over the last few years due to design or manufacturing defects. Some common defects include:

  • Insufficient stability
  • Poor locking mechanisms which can cause folding chairs to collapse
  • Insufficient restraints – never flip wooden high chairs over at a restaurant in order balance an infant car seat

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Luckily, there are some tips you as a parent can follow to be safe when using a high chair:

  • Make sure the high chair you are using cannot be tipped over easily.
  • If it is a folding chair, be sure it locks each time you set it up.
  • Check the internet for recent recalls and product defect reports.
  • Use the safety straps whenever your child is in the chair. The middle strap is extremely important as well. This will prevent your child from slipping down, which could result in serious injury or even death.
  • Never allow your child to stand in the high chair.
  • Do not place the high chair near a counter or table. Your child may be able to push hard enough against these surfaces and tip the chair over.
  • Never leave a child unattended in a high chair.
  • When you use a high chair at a table when you are eating out, make sure you are supervising your child at all times and are not distracted.

It is important to check for product recalls regularly when you have a young child. Unfortunately, high chair recalls are more common than we would hope. If your child has been seriously injured as the result of a defective high chair or another defective product, contact us immediately and fill out our free evaluation form.